The IBO Referral Network facilitates US Corporate Partnerships to help online advertisers and retailers expand their ecommerce business.

We screen and refer qualified Independent Business Owner Partners (IBOP) to online advertisers & retailers giving them the ability to expand their ecommerce business through a joint venture marketing strategy.

Our Independent Business Owner Partner referrals are:

What's Included:

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In order to make certain that every sale you make finds its way to your business bank account, it is crucial that you reconcile gateway activity against bank activity. We offer this added service to help maximize your cash flow


Applying for a merchant account can be tedious – especially if you are a high-risk merchant. After all the paperwork is gathered, applications signed and underwriting completed, you receive an approval for your new payment processing account (YAY!), but it comes with stipulations. One being a merchant account reserve, and the questions start popping up. Are the funds held indefinitely? Why was one required on my account and not my associates in the same industry? Is there anything I can do to remove the merchant account reserve?

Bookkeeping, Accounting
and Corporate Tax Filing

For the unique requirements of affiliate marketing.