Gateway Reconciliation only applies to the gateway state of the payment or refund transaction. Cash Reconciliation is the actual financial information of the amount that was settled, the fees charged.

How Does Gateway Reconciliation work?

Most gateways produce settlement reports on a daily basis.  The reconciliation follows the schedule appropriate for each gateway, which is usually daily, and retrieves the appropriate gateway reconciliation report for processing in a job. Within a reconciliation job, every record in the report is parsed into an event and matched with the corresponding transaction.

What Is Gateway Reconciliation?

Gateway reconciliation is the process of verifying that the electronic payment and refund transactions processed match the transactions reported by the gateway. For example, if YOU processed 200 transactions through a gateway, you should see the same number of transactions on the gateway’s reconciliation report, sometimes also called the settlement report.

A settlement report usually includes events from the following three stages of a payment’s lifecycle:

SI USA INC. Gateway Reconciliation feature supports retrieval and recording of gateway’s payment processing, settlement, and post-settlement events, to aid in the gateway reconciliation efforts.

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