Accounting and tax services. For the
unique requirements of affiliate marketing.

01 — Settlement Reconciliation

We know that merchant banks are not the most accurate or reliable lot. We will reconcile your daily deposits and charges against the merchant portals/gateways, to make sure merchants are depositing on time. We break the deposits/charges down into their components (sales, refunds, chargebacks, fees and reserves), so your financial statements and tax returns are bulletproof. This process also catches when a merchant bank stops reporting, due to the account being frozen, under audit, or because of high chargeback rates.

02 — Daily Cash Reporting

If you are like most advertisers, you have dozens of IBO companies under your umbrella, each with their own bank account. We pull activity daily, and report it to you. That way you know how financially healthy your “empire” is doing. This process also identifies when reserve releases happen; lets you know if an account goes negative, and why; and helps to ensure you leave enough money in each IBO account to cover month end merchant fees.

03 — Financial Reporting

It is important to see how your operation is doing, as a whole, from a profitability standpoint. The act of Settlement Reconciliations allows us to create monthly financial statements for your IBO businesses, as well as your “management company.” The Financials are necessary to create year end tax returns for your IBO businesses, and your own operation.

04 — Tax Planning & Returns

We have been doing this for nearly two decades now. We know best how to present the numbers of your operation to ensure they are reported correctly on your Schedule C’s or 1120 Forms. We even help your IBO’s if they need it, so that they report their own business results accurately. We hate red flags. We bet you do too.

What can we help with

It’s a simple and easy process by which an IBOP through our program, qualifies, applies for and then partners
with a new or existing advertiser/network marketing specialist, serving online businesses and websites, giving them
the ability to expand their sales and e-commerce capabilities across the web.